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Parcels and pallets to companies

Business Parcel & Business Parcel Return

Business Pallet & Business Pallet Return

Parcels and pallets to consumers

PickUp Parcel & PickUp Parcel Return

Additional services for deliveries to companies and consumers

Fuel surcharge parcels and pallets

As a consequence of an increasing proportion of different fuels such as; diesel, HVO, biogas and electric cars, we are changing our calculation model for fuel surcharges as of 1 April 2023.

AprilParcels; Pick up parcel+ bulk, Home Delivery Parcel, Parcel Connect, Business Parcel+bulk, Parcel Connect, Express 09.00, All Return services15.6 %
AprilBusiness Pallet32.1 %

Fuel prices are revised on a monthly basis.

Additional services and other fees

Additional services and other fees (in English)

Zones for city surcharges to Sweden and Norway

Zones for remote area surcharges to Sweden and Norway

Fuel surcharge for parcels and pallets

Sulphur surcharge (Marpol) for parcels and pallets

Fuel Surcharge for Private Individuals

Sulphur Surcharge (Marpol) for Private Individuals



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