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Täältä löydät vastauksia meiltä usein kysyttyihin kysymyksiin, puhelinnumeromme, sähköpostiosoitteemme ja terminaalimme yhteystiedot.

The strike is over – but some delays may remain

The Finnish transport strike ended on february 22. Some consequential delays remain due to the strike and it will take a few days before production is completely back on track. AKT has announced a new strike starting 1/3 - We continue to monitor the situation closely, update our websites with the latest information and make the necessary adjustments so that the strike has as little impact as possible for our customers.

Updated 22.02.2023

Strike in Finland causes delays in parcels for private individuals

The Automobile and Transport Industry Workers' Union began its strike in Finland the night until Wednesday (15.02.). This means that certain staff at terminals and ports have gone on strike. PAU (Posti) announced yesterday morning that they are simultaneously starting a support strike. Bring uses Posti's Pickup Point network in Finland, and Posti expects delays of up to 5 days in distribution to private individuals.

The strike includes dock workers, in the trucking industry, and in terminal operations. So far we do not know the numbers for how many people are participating in the strike, but it is about a few thousand people.

Considering that Posti chooses to strike in support, we unfortunately have to expect up to five days of delays for parcels to private individuals, as well as deliveries to companies in postcodes above 83999. We can deliver company deliveries in postcodes 0-83999 with only minimal delays.

Contact your sales representative for alternative solutions. Due to the fact that we use Posti's network - and that they are now on strike - we are experiencing delays in the agent network in Finland. Contact your sales representative if you want to discuss options!

We are monitoring the situation closely and making the necessary adjustments as the situation changes. Our goal is for the strike to have as little impact as possible on our customers. We update the information continuously.

Updated 16.02.2023