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Corona information

Corona information - we follow the development closely

The level of infection is increasing again in the Nordics and we are therefore following the development closely. What does this mean for you as a Bring customer and how does it affect our services?

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Julkaistu 28.09.2021 Viimeisin päivitys 08.12.2022

The level of infection in the Nordics is increasing and both national and regional restrictions are being introduced. In Finland, no restrictions have been introduced that directly affect our services.

We follow the corona situation closely

We follow the situation around the coronavirus closely and adapt our routines according to current rules and recommendations. Our group is a large workplace and has significant operations in the Nordics and in some countries outside the Nordics.

We are ready and prepared for the situation to change at any time. We have informed our employees and encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with and follow the official health advice that comes from the Finnoish institute for health and welfare.

General info

The authorities' advice on good hand hygiene, recommendations for cold and illness symptoms and coughs, etc. still applies. We maintain these recommendations and routines at Bring. Among other things, hand sanitizer will be easily available at all our pick up-points, terminals and in our vehicles.

Our routines and conditions may look different for similar services in all our Nordic countries.We therefore recommend that you read current information about corona-related logistics routines on the respective countries' websites:

- Norway
- Sweden
- Denmark

Internally within the group, we have reintroduced working from home where possible, as distance is one of the most important measures to prevent infection. Events and gatherings have therefore been canceled and travel that is not business-critical has been stopped both domestically and abroad, in all countries where we have employees. These restrictions apply until further notice.

Restrictions for parcels abroad

Countries we can not send parcels to

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