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Coronavirus and pandemic - We are doing everything we can to keep our deliveries going

The very serious situation that has affected Finland and the rest of the world affects all parts of society. At Bring, we are doing everything we can to keep our agreed deliveries and services going. At present, deliveries of parcels and goods are running basically as usual throughout the country.

We are delivering mail, parcels and goods mainly as usual.

Over all, our deliveries are going as normal across the country and shipments of goods from foreign online stores go as normal in the Nordics. However, there may be delays. There is no a restriction outside of the EU on which countries we can send shipments to.

You find our latest operational reports on our customer service page.

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More people want home delivery for their goods

As a result of the corona virus, we now see a strong increase in the demand for home delivery. We have introduced some temporary changes for some services, to ensure that we can quickly deliver the increased volumes for home delivery in the future.

Steps taken to reduce the risk of infection

Bring has taken several steps to reduce the risk of infection, both for our customers and for our employees:

  • There is no physical contact when delivering parcels and goods.
  • The recipients don't sign on our PDAs. The driver will register the delivery and the GPS coordinates will be recorded automatically upon delivery.
  • For courier services and some home delivery services, we are now using a new solution where the recipient can sign for the delivery on their own mobile phone.
  • We have implemented strict cleaning and hygiene measures for e.g. terminals, post reception centres, and main offices.

Bring follows the recommendations of the national health authorities and we have also implemented our own group-specific measures. We are well prepared and have a crisis group in place in the group.

As a rule, employees in administrative functions are working from home.

Deferred payment

We have a great understanding of the challenging situation which your companies are in right now, and of any need to postpone payments or increase your credit. At the same time, Bring is unfortunately not able to postpone your payments or increase your credit now. We recommend that you take these requests with your bank, as they are hopefully better equipped to assist your during this difficult period.

We are monitoring the situation and are well prepared

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and follow the official health advice. The Posten Norge Group consists of a big workplace with an important business in the Nordics and in some countries outside of the Nordics. Several cases of the coronavirus have now been detected in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

- We are closely monitoring the development and are well prepared should the situation change. We have informed our employees and encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with and follow the official health advice provided by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The same goes for our employees in other countries, who must follow the advice provided in the country where they reside, says CEO Tone Wille, Posten Norge.

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We are prepared and ready to handle the situation. If the situation deteriorates and leads to irregularities in our supply chain, we have initiated a dialogue with some major customers about the prioritisation of their shipments.

We must continuously prioritise which services and customer volumes can be produced. Access to personnel and vehicles and other limitations are key factors. Our prioritisations are based on life, health and the key interests of society. At the same time, we would like to emphasise that the group is doing all we can to ensure that agreed deliveries and services are carried out in accordance with the agreements in place.

A number of measures have been implemented

Major events have been cancelled and all non-essential air travel, both domestic and international, have been stopped in all countries where we have employees. This restriction applies until further notice.

External meetings must generally be carried out via Skype/Teams or by phone until further notice. External participants who attend meetings at Bring’s and Posten Norge’s premises will be asked if they have been in areas of ongoing infection or if they show symptoms of infection.

Increased use of home offices has been introduced within the Posten Norge Group, in addition to a number of extraordinary hygiene and cleaning measures at terminals, post reception points and the head office. This to strengthen the daily work with cleaning and hygiene already in place and to prevent infection.

Force Majeure

The current very serious situation that affects all of society means that the Posten Norge AS and Bring group must notify all parties that this is now a force majeure situation. As long as this results in obstacles to our deliveries, any deviations from agreements will not constitute non-fulfilment of the agreement. We therefore want to notify you that it is unlikely that we will be able to fulfil all our obligations as intended, and that deviations may occur. For example when it comes to pick-up times, shipping times, delivery times and our time guarantees.

The international exchange of mail, parcel and goods shipments is to a greater extent impacted by restrictions in air traffic, which causes cancellations of passenger flights and reduced capacity. Transport is considered to have a critical role in society and so far the borders within the EU are open to the transport of goods by road.

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As of today, there is no indication that there are any risks associated with the purchase of goods and the reception of parcels from China. The infection spreads between people.

In China, there has been a partial stop in production of goods and consequently reduced volumes of post and goods for transportation. This is recovering. In Italy, restrictions have been introduced nationwide, not just in northern Italy. Right now, the flow of goods is normal, but we must take into account that there may be delays in the shipping of post and goods. The same will apply to other countries where the coronavirus is widespread. We are in close contact with our international partners, especially with the other postal companies in the Universal Postal Union.

We have taken a number of measures to prevent infection in order to protect our employees and customers as much as possible from being infected with the corona virus. This also means that we have changed several routines. We follow the authorities' recommendations when it comes to preventing the infection of corona: keep a distance, avoid contant and maintain a good hand hygiene.

Questions and answers

  • Yes, we continue to deliver parcels as normal. However, longer delivery times may occur, especially for parcels outside of the EU because of the restrictions in air traffic.

  • Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos has informed that the corona virus mainly infects through drip and contact infections when a person coughs or sneezes. The proportion that is spread through surfaces is not significant.

  • We will move the parcel to the closest pickup point nearby and the recipient will be notified. However, this may imply a slightly longer delivery time. The status for the parcel can be seen on our tracking page.

  • No, Bring has now introduced signature-free parcel and goods deliveries. This means that:

    • If the recipient picks up a parcel themselves at a pickup point, they don't need to sign for it. The ID will instead be confirmed visually at a readable distance.
    • The requirements for signatures are waived for door deliveries via Posti. The driver rings the doorbell, places the parcel at the door and waits at a distance until the parcel is received. The delivery is registered in Posti's system.
  • No, Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos states that a person in quarantine should avoid close contact with people outside the home. This includes not going to a store or pickup point, since it is difficult to avoid close contact at these locations.

    • The recipient can instead ask a personal representative to pick up the parcel. For parcels for which the recipient has been notified via a text message, the representative needs the text message and a valid ID to pick up the parcel. For parcels for which the recipient has been notified via a letter, the representative must have the recipient's ID or a power of attorney from the recipient to pick up the parcel.
    • The representative must then show both the recipient's ID and their own when they pick up the parcel.
    • Many online stores offer home delivery in the checkout so recipients can have parcels delivered home instead.
  • We follow the advice from the health authorities and they advise against the use of gloves when it comes to handling goods. This because:

    • Gloves have no contagious effect when it comes to handling goods and food.
    • They can give a false sense of protection and thus increase the risk of the person wearing them not being as careful to wash their hands.
    • The most important advice is to be careful with washing your hands often and thoroughly.
  • When it comes to questions about the use of face masks, you can read the following information on Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos:

    • There is no evidence that a widespread use of face masks would prevent infections among the population.
    • The use of face masks is recommended for people who are in close contact with patients infected with the coronavirus.
  • For shipments to countries outside of the EU/EEA, we now have reduced capacity due to restrictions in air traffic. So far, EU borders are open to freight transport by road.

  • We have a great understanding of the challenging situation which your companies are in right now, and of any need to postpone payments or increase your credit. At the same time, Bring is unfortunately not able to postpone your payments or increase your credit now. We recommend that you take these requests with your bank, as they are hopefully better equipped to assist your during this difficult period.