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Price adjustment for our services as of January 1, 2020.

New prices for standard services and additional services

As of January 1, 2020, we adjust the prices for our standard and additional services. The increase is based on the estimated cost and market development in the coming year.

Regular price lists parcels

Service Price adjustment
To companies 3,50%
To consumers 3,50%


Contract prices for parcels to companies

Service Price adjustment
To Finland 2,60%
To Sweden 2,10%
To Denmark 2,30%
To Norway 5,30%
To other countries 3,50%


Contract prices for parcels to consumers

Service Price Adjustment
To Finland 1,40%
To Sweden 3,70%
To Denmark 2,20%
To Norway 4,50%
To other countries 3,50%


Pallet services to companies

Service Price Adjustment
To Finland 4,40%
To Sweden 6,40%
To Denmark 4,40%
To Norway 6,10%
To other countries 6,00%
Return Pallet (product code 337) 6,00%


New prices for the other countries



New price lists

These price lists are valid as of January 1, 2020.

Parcels and pallets to companies

Business Parcel (PDF)
Business Parcel Return (PDF)

Business Pallet (PDF)
Business Pallet Return (PDF)

Parcels to consumers

PickUp Parcel (PDF)
PickUp Parcel Return (PDF)

Additional services for deliveries to companies and consumers

Additional services and other fees (PDF)
Zones for city surcharges to Sweden, Denmark and Norway (PDF)
Zones for remote area surcharges to Sweden and Norway (PDF)


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